The Heritage Centre

The Heritage Centre opened in 2004 and is housed in part of a Victorian school dating back to 1837. Extensively restored as a museum to blend with the village's Conservation Area status, the Heritage Centre is now a major attraction in Tarves and the surrounding area.

Just inside the entrance there is a small reception area with seating. This is a popular spot for visitors to have a rest and for some to reminisce about days gone by!

At Tarves Heritage Centre you can see....

Seasonal exhibits

The 2024 seasonal exhibits take you back in time to when Duthie's shop was trading in the middle of the last century. The shop was famous for selling everything from a needle to a camel. The displays will bring back lots of memories.

2024 displays
2024 displays

We also have a fine display of artefacts and records from local trades which were located in the village, eg Cummings the bakers and Gibbs the shoemakers.

We have a small case with a selection of very old artefacts including a bronze age sword and some flint arrowheads.

A large display of carpenter tools and blacksmith tools show just how much manufacturing has changed.

This year we have also made a special display of our Seaton Ware Tarvas Bowl which belonged to one of our very generous supporters Louisa Innes (nee Smith) along with her letter about the bowl.

The 1950's/1960's Kitchen

We have a replica kitchen from the 1950/60's which includes Belfast sinks with a hand mangle and many more interesting curios from the era.

The Victorian classroom

Now restored to its former glory, the classroom is furnished with reproduction period school desks, slates and chalk, books, blackboard and easel, Dunce's hat and stool, abacus and the inevitable belt. A teacher's pack is available which provides a suggested scenario for a living history session. For more information please contact the Centre on 01651 851883 or by emailing tarvesheritage@outlook.com